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Hello everyone and welcome to Best Instant Camera World. My name is Stacey and I am a photography nerd and wannabe world traveler. Best Instant Camera World was set up as a one stop shop for reviews on instant cameras. We certainly are living in a digital age but recently analogue photography has definitely seen a boom. Instant cameras are dominating the Best Sellers page of the Amazon website. If you don’t believe me see here for yourself. I also included a print screen below. (Excuse the image quality – I zoomed out so you can see more results).

To be honest, I am not one hundred percent sure on the reason for the popularity boost; maybe it’s the instant gratification of having something tangible in your hands seconds after taking it. I must admit, people are far for curious when I shove an Instax Mini Print in front of their face rather than my iPhone. Everyone’s sick of you iPhone selfies, but an instant print camera, though not new, is something different and fun!

About Instant Cameras

The first instant camera was actually introduced back in 1923 but it was the American, Edwin Land who is credited as making the first commercially viable ‘Land Camera’ in 1948. From there they were revolutionized by Polaroid in the early sixties which skyrocketed their popularity. The basis of how they work is that they use ‘self developing’ film which chemically develops the print within about a minute after you have taken the snap. Polaroid had a stronghold in the Instant Camera market up until they filed for bankruptcy in 2008 which was due to a steady decline in popularity of the instant camera market. My personal first experience with an instant camera was the Polaroid 600 back in the 90s, I remember it was my grandpa’s pride and joy and was such a cool way to put a photo album together.  Since the demise of Polaroid, Fuji seems to be at the top of many people’s list when it comes to instant cameras; a brand that was originally designed for the Japanese and Asian markets. The late nineties saw the introduction of the Instax range, which has made a couple of spots in my  top 10 instant cameras of 2017 list. Other commendable retailers in the instant camera market include Lomography and even Leica.

Top 3 Instant Camera Reviews

Instax Mini 8

The Instax Mini 8 is a fairly small and brightly colored instant print camera. It has limited functionality but is perfect for kids and beginners alike. The price point is excellent and it is easy to see why so many of them were listed above in the best seller list. You can find out more about the Instax Mini 8 by clicking here for our detailed review.

Impossible I-1

This camera revolutionized 21st century instant cameras. This high end instant camera was made by the Impossible Project. I definitely recommend reading about it if you don’t know about the project already. The bulky design may be a turnoff but the high end functionality is not. It has an iconic ring light which is perfect for self portraits. You can read a more in-depth review of the Impossible I-1 by clicking that link <-.

Polaroid 600

What’s an instant camera website that doesn’t include the Polaroid 600. As I mentioned before, this was my first experience with an instant camera and I remember absolutely loving it. Some collectors have had theirs for years and never opened them. Which is great news for you if you want to get your hands on one as many people sell them brand new on Amazon. No new models of this baby though as production stopped along with the closing down of the last Polaroid factory back in 2008. The Impossible Project manufacture original Polaroid film and you can learn more about this iconic camera here.