Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review


This camera is cheap and easy to use; it is a great option for kids as there are bright colors available and you will not be forking out an arm and a leg. It's also a great beginners instant camera as there are not too many options which can be confusing for the newbie. It is a great camera for all the family and can be used to shoot a variety of different subjects. There is a wide range of great accessories to go with this product and is popular with the masses as it dominates the Amazon Best Seller List.


This camera is bulkier than other instant print cameras and the film can be expensive. Even though its great for beginners the lack of functionality will become frustrating for long time photographers and serious hobbiests. The auto flash isn't that great and the exposure is off; so if you're not in great lighting the pictures can look shabby. Picture size is small, however this is a common trait with newer instant cameras.

I recently purchased the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera for my niece’s birthday. It was something she had been wanting for a while, and I was pleased with the price so I went ahead and purchased it from Amazon. When the camera arrived I immediately ripped it open and started snapping photos to test this out. I love how easy it is to use.


About the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

The Instax Mini 8 currently comes in eight different colors; including a few bright shades and of course, a staple black and white. I went with grape for my niece because it’s fun color choice for kids, but here are some of the options available:


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 has simple functionality and the pictures size up at 62x46mm. The Instax Mini is simple to load and even has a manual switching system (LED indicator in exposure meter). This allows for ultimate exposure. Other features include brightness adjustment dial, exposure counter, 1/60 sec. shutter speed and automatic light adjustment flash.

Advantages of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

The value for money is the real pull factor for this instant camera, you’re talking around $60, which is why I think it is the best instant camera for kids that is currently on the market. It frequents the Amazon Best Seller list and it is easy to see why. I am thirty and my niece is turning thirteen; so there is a big difference in age. However, we both adore the camera and find it really simple to use. Another reason I love the camera so much is it appeals to almost everyone, even my boyfriend uses mine on occasion and my mom has mentioned she’d love one to take photos of her garden and the pets.

Disadvantages of the Instax Mini 8

The only major investment you need to make with this camera is the film, which, to be honest, can be expensive; especially if you let a child loose with it. As an adult though, I found myself less trigger happy with the Instax than what I would be with my iPhone or my DSLR. Another downside of this camera is that the photos are small, which I have found can be common in new instant cameras. Unless you want to invest in the new Impossible I-1 or buy yourself an old, second hand Polaroid 600,the 62 x 46mm is pretty standard practice with the film itself being about the size of a credit card. Nevertheless, it takes great photos, well if you’re in great lighting anyway, and it’s quick! You don’t have to order prints, print them out or buy expensive printers or ink; this may offset the cost of the Instax film for you.

It’s a fun instant camera to take out and share with friends; however, it may run a tad large for those who have small bags and are looking for an instant camera that is less bulky. The measurements (HxWxD) comes in at 116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm; which may not be great if you’ve got small clutch, but if your’e like me with a bag to rival Mary Poppins’ it should fit comfortably. There is also a range of fun bags specifically designed for the camera that you can just throw over your shoulder and some of them are pretty darn stylish.

Film for the Instax Mini 8

The Fujifilm Instax Film is readily available and you will pay around $10 for a pack of 10 films, there are deals to be had though if you purchase multiple film packs too. You can check out the current price and purchase the camera film here.. I have also found that as well as the traditional white film, you can also buy film with bright colored borders if you want to be a little more creative; just search ‘Instax Rainbow Film’.

The Verdict: Should I Buy The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera?

Thats a great question! The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is a great, affordable instant camera for kids and adults alike. The bright colors are appealing and it is super easy to use. The exposure can be a little off which means if you mess up; you will end up paying for more and more film which will affect the overall cost of the camera. However, if you’re just after something quick and fun to add a little nostalgia to your party this will be a great addition to your home. Any questions? Give me a shout below and I will happily help you with your instant camera endeavours.


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