Lomo’Instant Review


When it comes to features and control, this is one category where the Lomo’Instant Camera really shines. The three flash shooting modes of the camera makes taking fantastic pictures a whole lot easier. The additional lens attachments allow more creative flexibility with analogue photography and is a great addition to the camera. The reason behind the high star rating is because of the price in comparison to its features; this makes the Lomo'Instant a winner.


The Lomo'Instant range is fairly large and bulky and the viewfinder is a bit of a letdown. The viewfinder is tricky to use and small, when the lens filters are attached you just need to do a bit of guess work in terms of composition, this could get expensive, especially when paying for film.

About the Lomo’Instant Camera

The Lomo’Instant Camera is a member of the Lomography instant camera family. All Lomo’Instant cameras have a function box style design with a number of different colours and patterns available. The design language and thought process put into the manufacturing of this camera brings a completely new feel to the whole business on instant photography. This camera incorporates an exciting wide range manual operation mode with ultra-advance lens system into its design. The Lomo’Instant is built to give a unique and memorable photography experience and it definitely isn’t out of place to say that there is no limit to creativity with this unique piece of technology.


The basic specs of the camera were listed at the top of this review.  However, the Lomo’Instant has a lot more up its sleeve; taken directly from the Lomography site, it features the following:

  • Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Mini Film
  • Exposure Area: 42mm x 64mm
  • Shutter Speed: 1/125s & Bulb
  • Exposure Compensation: +2/-2 Exposure Values
  • Ejection Mechanism: Motorized
  • Multiple Exposures: Yes
  • Built-in Flash Guide Number: 9(m)
  • Automatic Flash Output: Yes
  • Battery Supply: 6V (4x AAA batteries)
  • Tripod mount: Yes
  • Cable Release Mount: Yes
  • Aperture: f/8 to f/32

In a really dark room or outdoors hanging with friends, the sensor on the camera automatically adjust to give the right amount of flash needed for the shot. Flash always on is best suited for taking indoor pictures. The Flash Off mode is just right for outdoor snap shots and for long exposures at night.

The Lomo’Instant Camera has a built in wide angle lens (equivalent to about a 27mm on a full frame DSLR) and also allows for other lenses to be attached to it for more creativity and flexibility. While purchasing this camera there is the option of getting additional lenses specially built for the camera. The additional lenses include; Fisheye Lens Attachment, allows you take up to 170 degree photos. Portrait Lens Attachment and Close-up Lens, that allows up to 10-15 cm close-up shots.

Advantages of the Lomo’Instant

A lot of innovation has gone into the production of this camera; the additional 3 lense attachments and manual mode operation are good examples why this camera is set apart from other instant cameras like the Instax Mini 8 for example. In essence, this camera may take a few moments of getting used to. Don’t worry though; after a few test runs you’ll be right on track. The three flash shooting modes of the camera makes taking great pictures a whole lot easier; Having the options to switch between normal daytime shots and long exposure shots for night time is a great feature. Flash-on Auto mode makes it perfect to take pictures anywhere you are. It also has the ability to do long exposure shots. Don’t be expecting no milky way pictures though! The Lomo’Instant is also the only instant camera on the market that allows you shoot unlimited multiple exposure instants. It also allows for different color gel filters and has the largest aperture settings in the world of instant of photography. One of the other highlights I love is the range they have available; all their styles are named after famous places; i.e. Reykjavik, Lake Tahoe, Morocco and Central Park. Check them out they’re pretty cool.

Disadvantages of the Lomo’Instant

Right out the box, the camera may seem like your typical point and shoot instant camera especially if you’ve had previous experiences with instant cameras. You may be tempted to immediately take it out for a quick spin; but, for beginners, using this camera may not be as easy as you imagined. To be honest though, the macro shooting capabilities aren’t really anything to shout from the rooftops about. As always, instant camera prints are not going to be the highest quality of images you’ve ever seen but I sincerely believe that this adds to the effect of the camera.

Film for the Lomo’Instant

The Lomo’Instant series of cameras all take  Fujifilm Instax Film which is readily available and you will pay around $10 for a pack of 10 films. Though this can be seen as expensive, it does work out cheaper than the polaroid film you get from the Impossible project; just don’t get trigger happy. There are deals to be had though if you purchase multiple film packs too. You can check out the current price and purchase the camera film here. I have also found that as well as the traditional white film, you can also buy film with bright colored borders if you want to be a little more creative; just search ‘Instax Rainbow Film’.

The Verdict: Should I buy the Lomo’Instant?

Getting an instant camera isn’t for everyone. At an age where all that’s probably required to take a good snap is a mobile phone with a camera, one may be tempted to wonder on the purpose or need of an instant camera. The simple truth is this, no matter the amount of digital space available or the number of phones with superb camera specifications in the market today, nothing can be compared to the feeling of stumbling upon an old college photo you thought you’ve lost while going through some old book or luggage, the emotional attachment you get as you hold that polaroid film in hand and try to re-live the moment in your head can’t be compare and that’s what the Lomo’Instant Camera Reykjavik tries to achieve. I think the Lomo’Instant is an overall great instant camera. It is a good step up from the Instax Mini 8 and a little more stylish too. I did include this camera in my top 7 instant camera purchases for 2017, See how the Lomo’Instant compared to the other contenders.

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